Michigan has so far not won or lost a game in a row since late January and is heading to Columbus after losing. Will this trend continue, or will the Wolverines finally lose two games in a row to significantly hamper their chances in the NCAA tournament? A weekly weekend game, The Daily’s basketball rhythm will predict the results of college basketball games, counting their season records. Here are their predictions:


Last week in this section we said: “If you lag behind in gambling, everyone knows that the only solution is to double and bet even more.” Well, it turns out that’s not true. As a hit we went horrible 25-43. Spencer was a respectable 8-9 and finally picked a few Big Ten games right, but still picked Michigan wrong. Nick again chose the right game in Michigan. Jack and Josh dragged a bit with 5-12 records, but Jack at least got a proper game in Michigan, and Josh kept his record above 0.500. Introducing our sixth week of forecasts, here’s how we stand:

Last week:

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