GRAND REPIDS, Michigan. – The Chinese is riding a bike around the United States, and on Saturday he stopped in Grand Rapids. His motivation is to fight and keep Hong Kong free of mainland China.

Lee stopped to rest after several thousand miles of travel to the East Coast.

“I traveled from California to Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado,” Lee said.

You may remember the images from Hong Kong in 2019. Millions of people have spoken out against a bill that would allow extradition from Hong Kong to China.

The top mayor put an end to this bill. The protests continued and eventually formed to make Hong Kong a greater democracy.

“I like a free lifestyle. That is why I hate the Communist Party. I don’t like censorship in China, ”Lee told FOX 17.

Lee comes from a small village near Beijing. When he was a senior, he studied sociology at the University of Tokyo. In 2019, he quit training to continue the movement that is growing in Hong Kong.

Lee believes that his task is to continue, even if the demonstrations are over.

“It’s pretty, you know, very sad,” he added.

His journey nearly ended when he was hit by a drunk driver in North Dakota last year. However, he continues to spread information about the liberation of Hong Kong.

“I feel like, you know, it was a revolution. And I have to do something weird than just, you know, sit in class,” he said.

Lee travels about 50 miles and decided to travel only for the day after the accident. He plans to continue his travels to Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington until graduating in Boston.

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Sometimes Lee sleeps outside in a tent. There are times, like in Grand Rapids, when someone opens their door to have a warm bed to sleep at night. Lee says thankful for Warm rainwhich is a community of bikers who help put their fellow bikers up for the night.

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