A home builder from Michigan is resuming plans that will bring nearly 600 new residences to Green Oak.

Since 2012, plans have been implemented to create new detached houses, apartments, commercial and entertainment projects around the Legacy Center sports complex.

The project is part of a planned 285-acre building called Legacy Park, located on the north and south sides of Winans Lake Road near U.S. 23, about 3 miles south of Brighton.

Lombardo Homes officials from Shelby say they are ready to move forward with a plan to build about 153 acres south of Winans Lake Road between Rickett and Whitmore Lake roads.

The goal is to start creating the infrastructure for the proposed housing from 579 residential premises – 195 single-family houses and 384 apartments by the beginning of 2023.

Architectural visualization shows one of several styles of single-family homes that Lombardo Homes seeks to build in the proposed Legacy Park building in Green Oak.

A combination of housing types

Melissa Chervin, vice president of marketing for Lombardo Home, said Legacy Park offers the opportunity to build different housing options in one area.

“We don’t have a lot of such communities where they’re so big and so many different products,” Chervin said. “It has something for everyone. It will change the area where it will look like the center if it is fully built.”

Lombard’s offer includes townhouses and ranch-style apartments that will be rented at market rates.

They also offer different layouts of single-family homes from which buyers will be able to choose.

The property southeast of the corner of Rickett and Lake Vinance opposite the Legacy Sports Center, shown on Thursday, March 3, 2022, is intended for housing development.

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Lombardo Homes land development director Joe Clee said most of their architectural plans are based on houses and apartments the company has already built in other areas.

“The market (home) in this area is obviously a growing market, and there is also a need for rent,” said Klee.

He said he expects different types of housing to attract different buyers and tenants.

Chervin said the apartments will have a top finish.

“We will have stainless steel appliances and good performance,” she said, adding that the apartments they build are usually rented at an average or above average rate.

Architectural visualization shows ranch-style apartments, one component of the proposed residential development at Heritage Park in Green Oak Town.

“We have a lot of young couples, people who save money to build their first home. We focus on those professionals who are looking for housing without maintenance, but also want to get all the benefits and be proud of where they live,” she said.

She said she expects it to be a “community lifestyle” where tenants may want to move into a single-family home and stay next door.

“If all goes well, people will not have to leave,” she suggested.

In addition to housing, there are also plans for two parks with playgrounds for residents, as well as a swimming pool and a club for residents of apartments.

Other vacant plots of land in the development zone are reserved for future commercial and commercial facilities.

The proposed plan for more than 500 new residences in the town of Green Oak shows a combination of apartment buildings and single-family homes south of Winans Lake Road.

The original proposal of the Heritage Park was approved by the city authorities in 2012. In 2017, the city authorities approved an amended preliminary plan, but the deadline has passed since then. Lombardo Homes has returned to the township to request new approval for the residential phase of the project, according to township documents.

Klee said Lombardo Homes would seek feedback from planners at a city planning committee meeting on March 17 so the company could see if any changes should be made to the plans before the proposal goes to a formal vote.

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