Paris MackenzieA 16-year-old boy from New York creating a story in the hair and beauty industrybecoming the youngest black owner beauty shops. And she is just beginning.

Mackenzie opened up Paris Beauty Supplyz in the summer of 2020 after the space next to her mother’s salon opened. The young businesswoman used her savings to rent a room and has since opened her own salon La Eiffel Beauty Bar in Brooklyn.

According to Fr. news release, Paris is no stranger to hair and beauty, after she spent a lot of time in a salon that her mom opened a few months after birth. Since then Paris is absorbed in what it takes to run a hair care businesslearn how to shampoo clients and disinfect hairdressers’ tools before the age of 10.

The inspiration for Paris’s business start-ups came from her childhood experiences, watching black women around her have to travel far to get the necessary hair productsjust be was subject to supreme supervision in other beauty stores.

Paris is also realizing her long-held dream of working in medicine. She graduated from high school early and immediately went to college where she is currently making a career as a nurse. Coupled with her business, Paris looks forward to serving her communities in a variety of ways.

She also hopes to inspire other black women and girls to go to their dreams.

Take a look at the beauty shop in Paris HERE.

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