Anyone who has had a vehicle, motorcycle or van insured under a policy that allows them to work in Michigan as of October 31, 2021 is eligible for compensation.

Return is part of it Car insurance reforms in 2019 – agreed between Whitmer and the Republican-led legislature, – which were designed to reduce the country’s highest rates by ending compulsory life insurance for car crash victims and setting new payment limits for treatment.

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Whitmer said reforms have already reduced the cost of car insurance for drivers.

“And starting this week, thanks to this reform, Michigan residents are receiving checks for a refund of $ 400 per vehicle for each insured driver, putting money in people’s pockets,” Whitmer said. “We will continue to work to save Michigan money so they they could pay their bills and put food on the table. ”


Michigan’s director of insurance and financial services, Anita Fox, said auto insurers would automatically send compensation – in the form of checks or direct deposits – to eligible drivers.

“If you are entitled to a refund, your car insurer will send it to you automatically and you do not need to take action. Incorrect information can lead to delays, so drivers may want to confirm that their insurer has their current address and bank information, ”Fox said in a statement.

Fox has also warned drivers to beware of possible scams such as scammers who call consumers to get personal information.

“No one should call you to get your personal information to get your money, and if you get such a call – hang up and call directly to your insurance agent or company to check the legality of the call,” Fox said.

Jake Schlow, a resident of Oak Park, said he has not yet returned the money but will reinvest it in future payments for the vehicles.

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