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Wendy Williams gave her a seal of approval on Gray Shepherd taking on both “permanent guest host”Williams’ daytime talk show.

TMZ first reported this The shepherd was seen as a storekeeper while Williams, 57, continues a health-related break. Now, a source indicated that Williams is fine with the move.

“Wendy is grateful to everyone who received guests,” said a source, an insider of the show. The Hollywood Reporter. Although a shepherd, a former leader Kind ofhas not officially signed the agreement, a source said Wendy is happy with the choice.

The former radio host was on a break in his talk show from September 2021when she left for health reasons. Rumors of a possible drug relapse, stroke, dementia and more emerged when Williams extended the break.

According to the source, the rumors are untrue, and Williams is battling health problems related to Graves ’disease –– autoimmune disease, which she first declared in 2018. The disease causes excessive production of thyroid hormones.

«These are the conditions associated with her graves and some other issues“- said the source. “It was not easy. It will take some time and will work. Don’t expect her to return this year. She’s not ready to host a show right now, and that’s the main thing».

According to TMZAccording to the report, Shepherd will take the helm as producers monitor Williams’ health. If she doesn’t recover before the season premiere in September, there have been reports that a new title for “should” could be considered.

“It’s unfair and unfair to her audience. They deserve 100 percent Wendy, ”the source said.

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