The current outlook for Tesla’s stock price is worrisome for the next 12 months, but much more optimistic for the future. in fact, Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) is a global leader in the innovation, manufacture and sale of electric vehicles. And Elon Musk, one of the world’s richest men, is behind the electric car giant with hopes of continued expansion and new innovations. Therefore, many investors consider buying Tesla stock during a market downturn. Let’s take a closer look at these popular electric car stocks and their potential over the next decade.

Tesla stock price forecast for 2025-2030

Tesla was incorporated in 2003 as Tesla Motors. By 2004, Musk became the company’s largest shareholder. And in the next five years, Tesla began production of its first car model, the Roadster sports car.

Tesla’s IPO took place in 2010 at a price of $17 per share. And since then, the shares have experienced a historic growth. By 2021, the company became one of only six companies with a market capitalization exceeding $1 trillion. Not surprisingly, investors are keeping a close eye on Tesla’s stock price forecast.

Tesla is now at the forefront of sustainable transportation and energy. There are four models of cars on the market – from sedans to SUVs. A Cybertruck and an all-electric semi-truck are also in development.

Tesla stock is currently trading around $300 per share, with a 52-week high of $414.50. This comes after two separate stock splits in the recent past. Moreover, in 2022, the stock market was experiencing serious difficulties due to fears of a recession and high inflation. This has undoubtedly had an impact on Tesla’s stock price outlook.

For the next 12 months, analysts believe Tesla shares have a high target around the $550 mark, with low estimates in the $100 range. This is a huge range that puts the average target around $350, just above the current trading price.

However, Tesla’s long-term outlook is much more encouraging. In fact, many forecasts show that Tesla stock will be worth more than $1,000 per share by 2025. And by 2030, they may reach the $1,500 mark. Overall, Tesla’s projections are largely on a steady growth trajectory over the next decade despite the current market downturn. It could be a bumpy road in the coming months, but long-term investors will likely benefit if they hold on.

What’s next for Tesla?

Over the past few years, Elon Musk has become a controversial figure. However, one thing is clear. He took Tesla to the top of the electric car industry. And many experts believe Ford (NYSE: F ) is its only real competitor.

Tesla is preparing to launch a new wave of products. First it goes Cyber ​​truck which has dominated headlines ahead of his debut, which is expected to be released in 2023.

The company is also preparing to open sales on Tesla Semi by the end of 2022, although a potential release date is still unknown. However, this electric vehicle could be the “future of cargo transportation” with better efficiency and more power than any of its competitors.

And don’t forget, Tesla also makes solar roofs and solar panels for homeowners and businesses. Overall, this expansion and the success or failure of the new products will have a big impact on Tesla’s stock price outlook. For now, Elon Musk has put Tesla in a great position not only to control the electric car market, but also to weather the current storm of market volatility.

Investments in the electric vehicle industry

There is a wide range EV shares consider at the moment. However, Tesla remains the giant that everyone is chasing. You can also consider Stockpiles of batteries for electric vehicles too.

As you can see, there are many different ways to invest in the electric vehicle industry right now. And many experts believe that electric cars are not only the future of transport, but also a necessary transition to sustainable energy.

The stock market presents investors with many companies that are innovators and global leaders. For the latest information and potential investment opportunities, consider registering with one of the best investment newsletters. These stock gurus have decades of market experience analyzing price movements and company potential.

Tesla is one stock that has become the foundation of many investment portfolios. So keep a close eye on Tesla’s stock price forecast as the US economy faces a recession and a difficult recovery.