MINEPOLIS (AP) – Teachers took to the pickets in public schools across Minneapolis, calling their strike a struggle to provide “safe and stable schools” for students and for better wages for self-paid support staff.

But many families with 29,000 students in one of Minnesota’s largest school districts are concerned.

They fear that the prolonged exit of nearly 3,300 teachers could mean a return to the struggle to balance work and care for the children they faced during the coronavirus pandemic.

Negotiations are not scheduled.

And union leaders and school officials have made it clear that the parties are far apart.

According to NPRThis is the first teacher strike in the state in more than 50 years.

The Associated Press reported that the average annual salary of teachers is more than 71 thousand dollars.

In updating it websiteMinneapolis public schools said that while they were disappointed with the news of the strike, they know that “the mutual priorities of the organizations are based on our deep commitment to educating Minneapolis students.”

The county said that starting Wednesday, families can pick up daily packets of food for breakfast and lunch for their students at reputable schools.

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