Engineering firm approved

At a meeting on February 23, the Macomb Board of Trustees approved a proposal submitted by Fishbeck Engineering to provide professional engineering services and develop preliminary options for replacing the meter and pressure reading valve for the MA-01 chamber for $ 39,950. . Water and Sewerage Chief Jerry Vangelin said it would be a project to raise the counting pit from the ground and turn it into a terrestrial, more efficient measuring pit.

“If you remember, it’s a 24-meter pit and Romeo Planck, where that tragic accident happened about 26 years ago,” Vangelin said.

He also said the township had asked Fishbeck to conduct a study to assess the location of the site for the new metering pit, as well as the facility’s layout to make the new meter more efficient in terms of water pressure.

The board also approved a proposal submitted by Fishbeck to provide professional engineering services through Anderson, Eckstein and Westrick Inc. to measure the settlement sanitary sewerage system and update the sanitary hydraulic model and permit the tracking spreadsheet. It was approved at a cost of $ 185,700. Vangelin said that the city water supply system and mechanical engineering will be involved.

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