OKEMOS, MI (WLNS) – While many stores and businesses are closed Thursday for Thanksgiving, others were filled with people getting last minute ingredients.

Meijer locations closed at 5 p.m. for the holiday, but home cooks still had a chance to stock up for a family dinner.

Okemos store manager Ronald Colson said there were many customers in the morning.

According to him, this year, as always, turkeys are popular, followed by sweet potatoes.

One customer mentioned that the last-minute trip helped them create a meal that combines American flavors with the flavors of their roots.

“Mom had cabbage for us. We usually go shopping a week before. But we left to grab some miscellaneous supplies and she said, “Don’t forget the cabbage.” We were like “okay”. So, we’re not sure what she has up her cabbage sleeve. But we’ll find out because we usually do Indian-style food and more traditional American-style food for Thanksgiving. It is something like a mixed culture that we do every year,” said Priti Mohan.

Along with shoppers, store employees are preparing for the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season at the last minute.

A spokesman for the Michigan Retailers Association said that while shoppers are seeing higher spending at convenience stores and gas stations this year, store owners are expecting a good turnout.

Coulson said while some employees are off for the holiday, shoppers can expect the shelves to be fully stocked.

He said the key to keeping up with demand is preparing and staging merchandise for night crews.

“We’re just looking at the sale day based on how things are going. I can add two or three people. But the crews here at Meijer are doing a great job of maintaining the shelves and feel very confident in the teams we have on board to make sure we’re ready tomorrow morning when we open,” Colson said.

If you’re looking to save early this year, many stores like Meijer are already allowing people to access Black Friday sales by shopping online.

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