UPDATE: This story has been updated to include information provided by Jones and others after Wednesday morning’s hearing.

Michigan administrator Jewel Jones, D-Inkster, pleaded guilty Wednesday morning to driving under the influence of alcohol, which involved nearly a year of litigation.

“I resisted arrest on April 6, 2021. I was driving and owning a firearm when my blood alcohol level was over 0.08, ”Jones admitted in Livingston County District Court. “I carelessly drove the vehicle on the I-96.”

Jones pleaded guilty to two counts of resisting and obstructing a police officer, working under the influence of alcohol and possession of a weapon while intoxicated. He also pleaded guilty to additional charges of negligent driving and attempting to flee pending trial for the offense.

The charge of escape came as a result of a separate incident when Jones was jailed in September 2021 after violating the terms of his detention for the third time. While being sent to prison, Livingston County Jail staff said they found a handcuff key glued to the bottom of that leg, which led to further charges.

“The key to the handcuffs was found on my face when I was treated and placed in Livingston County Jail,” Jones admitted during a guilty plea hearing.

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