GRAND REPIDS, MICHIGAN (GRES) – It’s hard to believe that this report on snow conditions will be over the last weekend of February and the meteorological winter.

Again, the Upper Peninsula is the place where you want to play on decent snow, especially if you ride snowmobiles. UP has to share a piece of white gold with the areas south of the bridge. Watch the snowfall from 22 and 23 February.

This is the story of two peninsulas: one with snow and one without.

Snow depths in northern Michigan:

This could be the peak in terms of snow across the UP, as softer temperatures are forecast for next week and the angle of the sun continues to rise.

Snow depth:

Lower Peninsula

  • Grand Rapids: 0
  • Cadillac: 2
  • Ludington: 5
  • Lake Houghton: 5
  • Traverse City: 7
  • Charlevoix: 11
  • Eastern Jordan: 10
  • Gaylord: 9
  • Alpena: 3
  • Petaski: 5
  • Cheboygan: 15

Upper Peninsula

  • Su: 33
  • Paradise: 38
  • Grand Mare: 50
  • Manistique: 23
  • Munization: 38
  • Market: 42
  • Houghton: 37
  • Calumet: 32
  • Escanaba: 7
  • Painsdale: 56
  • Great Bay: 35

Light snow of 1 to 3 inches will fall in the Lower Peninsula on Thursday night. After that, the weekend is dry and seasonally cold. Except for a few squalls on the Great Lakes, no snow is expected.

The cold front on Sunday will pass through the dry.

On Sunday there will be a cold front with little snow all over the university

The snow that appears on the models is expected to fall from Thursday night to Friday morning.

The temperature this weekend on Saturday will be moderate, and on Sunday in the north will drop.


SCHUSS: The Kirkwood family was able to leave and spend a wonderful weekend on President’s Day at the Schuss Mountain / Shanty Creek resorts. As you can see, there is a lot of snow to have fun. Many thanks to Chris Hale, Director of Marketing, who sponsored this report. He mentioned that it was a blessing that Shus was able to make snow, as it was another winter when the snow just didn’t go away and stayed. I believe his comment was, “We got 69 inches of snow from Mother Nature and melted 65 inches.” But he also wanted to highlight some of the best skiing that can happen in March for several reasons: ski runs tend to be less busy, fares get cheaper, and daylight is more and tend to be warmer. So go up the slopes!

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