Snipers recently killed 80 deer at Kensington Metro Park in Milford after a 1-year break in the program due to threats.

The Huron-Clinton Metro Administration has released a report on the renewal of the deer population on March 10 with deer culling figures for the 2022 season, stating that 330 deer have been removed in seven parks.

Daniel Mauter, head of metro park marketing and communications, wrote in an email that the 2022 culling went smoothly after last year’s planned culling in Kensington was canceled due to threats. Authorities subsequently overestimated the program and released a study in which it was determined that deer culling is still the most effective deer management strategy.

“We believe this is a successful program,” Mauter said. “Metro parks continue to focus on responsible wildlife conservation and ecosystem management that supports wildlife, including providing healthy, thriving deer herds, in our 13 unique parks.”

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