WESTERN MICHIGAN – FOX 17 meteorologist Candas Monacheli predicts that downpours persist today as the system continues to move completely away from our region. Tonight we could see a little snow mingling with the rain. Short-term rains are expected again on Friday. A few snowflakes are even possible if you have colder air! In our forecast for the weekend we retain some winter mix and a chance of snowfall: Sunday is the coldest day of the week and even one of the coldest days of March with daytime highs below 30. Next week we are slowly “warming up” to the 40s by Tuesday and Wednesday. Be sure to download the FOX 17 weather app to get the latest forecast and radar.

TODAY: Cloudy with intermittent rain and possible snow mixing tonight. The maximum temperature of the 40’s. Wind southwest from 7 to 14 m / s.

Tonight: Cloudy with a little winter. Lower 30’s.

FRIDAY: Early in the morning possible intermittent rain / sleet, otherwise mostly cloudy. Maximum temperature in the mid-40s.

SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy and colder, possible light rain and snow. Maximum temperature in the 30s and below 40s.

SUNDAY: Partly cloudy with a long morning gust. Maximum temperature below 30.

Monday: Partly cloudy. The maximum temperature of the 30s.

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