Lansing, Michigan (WLNS) – If you’re watching a massacre in Ukraine, you probably don’t think about how it could affect your family.

However, the man instructed by the governor to write a new state budget is thinking about it.

“We started thinking about it. It’s insistent, but we don’t have a good answer for you. It is too early for us to understand the consequences, ”said Chris Harkins, director of the state budget.

When Russia is sitting on a pile of energy needed by Americans to refuel their cars, some say the war is already on the gas pump.

This means that truckers who take your food to the store and other goods to other businesses will also pay more.

CEO Meijer was asked in this regard on food prices.

“What is happening in Russia does not affect us here. At least for now, ”Meijer CEO Rick Keys said.

However, “there is always some kind of draining effect,” he said.

This is the potential effect of the confluence, which forces Harkins to negotiate with the two budget seats of the Republican Party with one eye and the other on Ukraine.

“We certainly understand that there may be consequences,” he said.

Is there a war affecting the state budget? It’s hard to believe, but it’s a real possibility.

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