Since 2006, the University of Michigan has been conducting what it calls a “natural experiment.” race-neutral admission. According to the results of 2006, according to the state to vote that banned affirmative action at the state’s public universities, the university has radically changed its admissions procedures for the first time since then 1963 year by removing race from the admissions process. On October 31, the Supreme Court will hear the claims of Students for a fair receptionan anti-affirmative action organization that challenges the practice of racial profiling Harvard University and University of North Carolina.

In an amicus brief in support of Harvard and UNC, Univ. of Michigan argued the blind race practice has failed.

Over the past 16 years, the proportion of black students at the university has increased decreased from 7% to 4%. The percentage of Native American students dropped from 1 percent to 0.11 percent, a 90 percent drop.

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