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“Dear black dads and black mothers … Let’s give our children gifts that are really important. The gift of being a positive role model. The gift of showing them what true love looks like and feels like. The gift to spend time with them. The gift will make them feel wanted and loved. … The gift of leadership, support and friendship ”.

Author Stephanie Lahart was right when she practically summed up the practice of modern education. Also known as attentive education, the present education is defined as parents, which provide their children asylum attention, so that they were configured and your child’s body, according to

“This is a quality time you spend with your child so that they know that they are loved, valued, seen and heard,” the article reads.

The private non-profit organization Parenting Now noted that being a real parent is not always easy, but at a basic level it is so important to be in touch and attached to children, although it can be “exhausting”, especially after a long day and children work overtime to act unintentionally. on nerves.

However, “presence” is considered to be mindful and focused on the present moment, rather than looking ahead to the future or distracting oneself from that moment by other thoughts or activities. Being with our children is a great way to meet their emotional needs. ”

The article adds that the presence is similar to opening our arms to children, “either to encourage them to learn, or to welcome their return”.

Children, according to the article, “need both of these things,” and they find that they become independent by first learning that they have a father “who will always be there for them. In our culture, we tend to focus on promoting independence, but that independence requires you to have a secure foundation. ”

Presence also begins with an immediate response to physical and emotional needs, quick and calm.

“Your response also shows them your love and teaches them to influence the world,” the article reads. “Your baby or toddler also has a lot of emotional needs.”

If parents feel like they’re “getting over it” when caring for children, here are some tips to be more present:

  • Smile and make eye contact.
  • Hug, kiss or hug them.
  • Have a gentle and calm voice (even if they are not yet talking).
  • Sing and read them.
  • Hold their hand so they feel safe and comforted when parents and children are at peace.

Many experts say that about 15 minutes of “fully focused attention” is enough to make children feel “satisfied and independent” for the next half hour or so.

“If you need to send a work message as soon as possible, but it is difficult for your child to play on their own, try to read books with him for 15 minutes, and then try to do your job again,” the article reads. “You can view the positive time and attention you give your children as ‘bank money’ or a positive connection that you can count on as a buffer if you need to be away from them.”

Show that you are “present”:

  • Remove your phone or other electronic devices.
  • Avoid “vague doomed words.”
  • Treat eye level with your young child / toddler.

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