MAKINAU CITY, MICHAN (DRES) – family Ferry to Mackinack Shepler Island has new partial owners when starting a partnership with The Hoffman family of companies.

This is the first time in Shepler’s 77-year history that a company has partnered with another company.

“We have been approached many times by potential partners, but never before have we been in personal or professional contact with a family that is so closely identified with Shepler’s commitment to first-class service to every guest, every day,” said Chris Shepler, President of Shepler. said in a press release.

The Hoffmann family of companies is located in Naples, Florida. He owns and operates nine family cruises and courts throughout the United States, including Miss Augusta in Missouri Wine Country and Volunteer Princess in Knoxville, Tennessee. The company said it also owns a number of businesses in hospitality, entertainment, agriculture, professional services, golf and more.

“We are proud to be working with thriving companies where we can add value rather than invent a bike,” founder David Hoffman said in a press release. “Makinak Island is a special place for us, where we often visited, and the ferry to Sheppler Makinak Island is a unique part of the magical journey to the pearl of Michigan. We want to be a part of the fact that Shepler continues to do what it does best. ”

Through this new partnership, Shepler and his brother Billy Shepler, acting naval captain, will continue to be involved in day-to-day operations and be part-owners, the company said.

“My brother and I will eventually retire, and we have joined a partner who is committed to preserving Shepler’s legacy while remaining true to our unwavering commitment to serving future generations of visitors to Makinak Island,” Chris Shepler said in a news release.

Shepler’s 78th season is scheduled to begin on April 21.

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