Some unusual reading for the weekend:

10 Questions for Thinking Muslims (Swarajya)

China: The Great Wall of Pride (Open)

Putin’s diabolical end game (Times of Israel)

The Washington Way (RT)

The plight of Christians in the Middle East (Arabic news)

Hungary’s view of the war in Ukraine (American conservative)

Food crisis in Pakistan (Dawn)

Topic: How Amit Agarwal Earns $13 Million a Year (John Davids)

How TikTok Became the E-Commerce Leader in China (ROW)

Winston Churchill’s Legacy Unjustified (Jacobin)

Debunking the historical myths surrounding Prithviraj Chauhan (Pragyata)

Redefinition of Heirloom Jewelry (Mint yard)

Thread: Why we keep food for crows during Mahalayam (Anbezhil)

Serfdom of our time (Indy Samarajiva)

Topic: How to fight cancer naturally (Landon)

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