LANSING, MICHIGAN (WOOD) – A Michigan senator and doctor was sentenced to one year probation after improperly touching a nurse during an exam.

On Wednesday, Senator John Bison, a Republican from Battle Creek, was ordered to serve a suspended sentence of one year.

He is pleaded guilty in February before the offense after a practicing nurse said he squeezed her waist and got angry when she refused to prescribe other medications he wanted while taking it.

In August, at the time of the incident, Bison was a patient in a practicing nurse’s office. He said he was sick with COVID-19 and behaved differently than usual.

During the trial on Wednesday, the nurse said she felt scared and injured.

“Every time a patient makes fun of me, I remember Mr. Bison’s actions,” she said. “Sir. Bison, I forgive you, but I hope we both never forget.”

Bison apologized to the court.

Conditions of probation include one year without alcohol and drugs, a mandatory mental health assessment, no contact with a nurse or her clinic, and fines of $ 1,130. The court will allow interstate trips to work and family vacations.

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