The jury selection may end today, Monday, February 14 for three people convicted of killing Ahmaud Arberi.

Judge in the federal hate crime trial Travis McMichael, his parents Greg McMichael and their neighbor William “Roddy” Brian pointed out that the final jurors in the federal hate crime trial may be officially elected. on Tuesday, February 15th.

Twelve jurors out of the remaining 64 potential jurors will ultimately decide whether to kill three who have already been sentenced to life in prison, Arbury in New Brunswick, Georgia, because he was black.

A federal court hearing came a month after the men were sentenced to life in prison on charges of murdering the state.

Earlier this month, U.S. District Judge Lisa Goodby Wood rejected a plea agreement that would allow the man who shot Arbury, Travis McMichael and his father, Gregory McMichael, to be an accomplice to the murder, avoid trial on federal charges and charges. their “predominant federal prison” for serving a 30-year sentence.

The Justice Department has accused defendants in a hate crime case of violating Arbery’s rights, attempting to kidnap a man and using dangerous weapons because of his race. Last year, they pleaded not guilty to the charges, but changed their guilty plea to avoid federal court.

Since the plea agreement was rejected, both McMichals decided not to plead guilty and face trial with Brian.

On February 23, 2020, Ahmoud Arbury encountered a special group of guards while jogging on a public street in the Satila Shores area of ​​Brunswick, Georgia. Travis and Gregory McMichael armed themselves with firearms and went on a hunt for suspicious characters in a predominantly white community.

Riding in a car with a gun, two men approached Arbery, who at this time was jogging. Defendant alleges that Arbury tried to run back in the other direction, only to discover that McMichael’s friend, William “Roddy” Brian, parked his car at the other end of the road. With two cars located at opposite ends of the street, a police investigator claims McMichael told him Arbury was “enthusiastic as a rat».

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