Lansing, Michigan (WLNS) – For the first time Governor Gretchen Whitmer says she is ready to talk about abolishing the 6% sales tax on gasoline, but does not say she will support it.

“We are ready to run for re-election,” Whitmer said.

The governor spoke to the crowd and thanked his volunteers for collecting 30,000 signatures to participate in November.

Whitmer has delivered her first speech as an official candidate and will not take on the bait of what she thinks of the overcrowded Republican Party’s field of potential opponents.

For a moment Whitmer also refused to take a position on the tax deduction from sales of pumps.

“At this point, we’re focused on trying to take extra,” Whitmer said. “I’m always ready to talk.”

She added: “If there are additional ideas that we can implement, I want to do it.”

However, the Democratic ticket to the University of Michigan, Whitmer and the University of Michigan Gilchrist is divided on which team wins the NCAA tournament.

Whitmer is probably betting that he will win another four years.

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