NEW YORK – The science is clear on climate change. We know for sure that we are racing to a few environmental and human disasters. We can no longer discuss science. However, for some people, science-based arguments will never be enough.

After all, the scientific theory of evolution has been around for over 150 years with incontrovertible evidence, but only about 35 percent of Americans believe this that we evolved by natural processes.

For those who also doubt the science of global warming, there are many reasons to support efforts to create a zero-carbon future: It will likely save everyone money, improve the overall economy, clean our air and improve our health.

However, whatever evidence we develop, it is likely that we will have to deal with climate change without a broad consensus because culture develops more slowly than science. But what if we presented politicians and skeptics with a realistic and doable action plan to combat climate change while creating new jobs and a healthier environment? I have such a plan, which can be said simply: to electrify everything.

Below I offer you the main questions that people will inevitably have when you propose such a plan. Each topic is worth a book in itself. If I get rid of your favorite baby here too soon, or you think I’m all up my ass, then we should have a beer sometime.

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