Ionia County, Michigan (WLNS) – There have been several recent calls to the Ionian County Sheriff’s Office to report fraud originating from the Sheriff’s Office itself.

A Post to Facebook from Ionia SHeriff’s management details the scammer’s tactics.

The scam points to the caller ID as from the sheriff’s office, which is a sign fake calls.

If the call is answered, he will say that there is a warrant for the arrest of the person answering the call.

The caller then offers an alternative to arrest, such as buying a prepaid VISA gift card and then giving the caller a card number.

According to the sheriff’s office, the caller even offered to stay on the phone with individuals while they drive to the store to make a purchase.

The subscriber used the real name of the deputy to try to look legitimate.

The Ionian County Sheriff’s Office has the following tips for people to avoid fraud:

  • Assess whether you have done anything that will result in you being issued a warrant for your arrest.
    • If so, hang up and go down to the sheriff’s office. You can also go to court to check for a warrant.
    • If not, hang up.
  • If you have any questions, leave the phone and contact the Ionian County Sheriff’s Office at (616) 527-5737.

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