Russia’s inability to still gain full control of Ukrainian airspace came as a surprise, given the strength of Russia’s military and the importance of dominance in the skies.

A possible explanation is that President Vladimir Putin has built his military strategy on the premise that Ukrainian defenses will easily collapse. This would allow Russian troops to quickly capture the capital Kyiv, as well as defeat Ukrainian forces in the east and south without having to gain an advantage in the air. But it didn’t happen because This was reported by the Associated Press.

However, the overall trajectory of the war in five days seems to be conducive to the Russians, at least militarily.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Monday: “We think they are a few days behind schedule.” Kirby said: “Of course, yes, the Russians had their problems, and they met resistance, which we do not believe they fully expected.”

Philip Breedlove, a retired Air Force general and former commander of NATO forces in Europe, said: “I am pleasantly surprised that Ukraine’s air defense capability, although diminished, remains as long as it is.”

Until Monday, the Russian military had failed to capture any major Ukrainian cities, assemble the Ukrainian air force, or advance as planned.

The European Union has imposed a total ban on flights of Russian aircraft, confirmed the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. for the BBC.

Leanne said: “We are suspending EU airspace for Russian-registered or Russian-controlled aircraft.”

This will make it difficult for powerful and rich Russian oligarchs to travel, who will not be able to land, take off from the country or fly over any country of the European Union. The ban also includes airspace over the United Kingdom.

In the US, Delta Air Lines has announced that it is suspending a flight booking agreement with Russian Aeroflot.

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