The Michigan Conservative Freedom Foundation said in a statement Monday that Reagan’s comments about the rape were “dehumanizing” and “disgusting.”

“Jay Reagan’s disgusting and dehumanizing comments about the horrors of sexual violence, along with his support for dictator Vladimir Putin’s assassins, are disgusting and completely deprive him of the right to hold public office,” said Tori Sachs, the group’s executive director. “I teach my four little daughters to stand up for themselves, know their worth, and fight back and speak out against scoundrels like Regan. RJ Regan does not belong anywhere near the State Capitol, and so we have supported and supported his opponent. ”

Michigan Republican co-chair Meshon Maddock said Regan’s comments about the rape were “insulting and disappointing.”

“I’d like to think he didn’t mean what he said,” Maddock said. “You know, if I could control what our candidates say all the time, that would be great. But I can’t. “

But Maddock said Regan’s condemnation of the Internet was a “distraction” to “keep us away (with Governor Gretchen’s focus) on Whitmer’s disastrous policies.”

“Voters will not buy it. We are going to keep them in laser orientation, ”Maddock said.

Michigan Jewish Democrat Chairman Noah Arbitt said Monday, calling Reagan “harmful, vile, anti-Semitic, misogynistic and pro-white,” and called on the Republican Republic to force him to abstain.

“Robert Regan is unfit to imagine himself as an insect, let alone an entire neighborhood in the House of Peoples,” Arbit said.

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