GRAND REPIDS, Michigan (GRES) – The restaurant industry in Western Michigan is still recovering from losses during the pandemic.

Now managers hope that declining infection and itching to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day will prove to be a happy combination.

Graydon’s Crossing will serve traditional Irish food and drinks for both personal dining and check-out.

Employees tell News 8 that they are looking forward to seeing old faces and meeting new ones. The manager hopes that the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day will help to quickly return to normal life.

“In 2020, I checked out the sales yesterday, it was only $ 45, and I imagine it’s just one order for the whole day, and we’ll probably be packed here,” said general manager Ben Ness. “I hope it’s to light a fire … so I hope to get back to the heart of the matter.”

Although managers tell News 8 that they don’t require their customers to wear masks or social distance, they encourage them to exercise common sense, such as staying home when they feel bad.

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