OWOSSO, Mich. (WLNS) – Ice congestion along the Shiawassee River was a factor that contributed to the great floods in and around the town of Owosso. Rising temperatures and heavy rain have prompted the National Weather Service to issue a flood warning in the area.

Residents living right along the Shiawasi River said they face a terrible and frustrating situation as water levels get closer to their homes

“Yes, I’m afraid of it because it can go up as fast as it gets on the bridge. If there is a blockage, all I can think about with all this thaw is a river that rises more and more and can’t pass by, and it was going to go up to our house, ”said Gray Blair.

Gray Blair has lived along the Shiawasi River for almost a year near downtown Ovos. She said she had no fears of living near water earlier in the winter. That changed when warmer temperatures broke the ice and sent pieces of it down the river, dangerously close to her home, which is just feet from the water.

“I noticed that pieces of ice the size of my car were rising on this property. I called my kids and said big ice things were coming up here, and I kind of worried that it would get stuck there, the river would come up, ”Blair said.

Since that day, she said she has not seen much reaction from city and county authorities, so she and her neighbors were left alone. When water creeps closer, it prepares for the worst.

“My son will come. In fact, tomorrow he will come and check everything in the basement. He’s going to tear off part of the wall to make sure it doesn’t leak where we haven’t seen before. I’m going to check my own flood insurance because I’ve never thought about it before, “Blair said.

Mr Blair said she hoped measures would be taken soon before she and her neighbors saw serious damage.

“They enjoy the river, but no one thinks about the people who live near it and that it can happen,” Blair said.

National Weather Service officials predict that by Wednesday the river will rise above the flood by seven and a half feet.

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