GRAND REPIDS, Michigan (WOOD) – Enbridge executives say the closure of the Line 5 pipeline will lead to higher gas prices. The new report suggests there may be other options.

A group called Environmental Defense Canada commissioned a report. In it, experts from the gas and oil industries say that in case of disconnection of line 5 there will be other options to meet Canada’s demand.

These include the expansion of the 78 Enbridge line and investment in additional funds for unloading rail cars at refineries in Quebec and Ontario.

Experts in the report note that these changes will affect consumers modestly. However, the report says that if Line 5 closes without these changes, it could have significant consequences.

In a statement to News 8, a spokesman for Enbridge called the plan “wrong”.

“Canada’s environmental plan will jeopardize the environment by burning more fuel to transport energy, killing critical roads and railroads, and creating unnecessary energy dislocations while raising prices.”

“Environmental protection is also not available by quoting another pipeline (line 78) as a viable alternative source, but this pipeline is already filled and meets the requirements of other customers.

“This erroneous plan only shows that the shutdown of Line 5 will have a significant and immediate impact on the region’s energy supply, businesses and hardworking families in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Canada’s two largest provinces – it doesn’t make sense. ».


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