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A Republican candidate in Michigan comes under fire after he said so he tells his daughters to “lie down and enjoy it” when rape is “inevitable”.

Robert “Reg” Regan running for the Michigan House of Representatives and recently made this remarks live on Facebook while discussing how to strip certification of the 2020 presidential election. Last week, Regan won a special primary in the state’s 74th constituency.

“Having three daughters, I tell my daughters, ‘Well, if rape is inevitable, you just need to lie down and enjoy it,'” Regan said about 10 minutes later on Facebook. The Huffington Post. “We are not rolling like that, and now we have won this election.”

“It was a disgraceful comment,” said one. The owner, Adam de Angeli then laughed and said the live broadcast might not continue “long after what Robert said.”

Regan won the election with only 81 votes, but lost in the same race in 2020 one of his daughters tweeted that the public should not vote for him.

De Angeli tried to defend Regan by claiming that he was trying to explain what “not to do”. However, Regan did not stop there. He continued to defend the Russian president Vladimir Putinstating that the deadly invasion he leads because Putin said, “I have to defend my country, I have to protect my children, and I can’t count on the United States.”

In a statement to Fox 17Michigan Republican Tory Sachs from the Michigan Freedom Foundation condemned Regan.

“Jay Reagan’s disgusting and dehumanizing comments about the horrors of sexual violence, along with his support for dictator-assassin Vladimir Putin, are disgusting and completely deprive him of the right to hold public office,” Sachs said.

“Jay Reagan doesn’t belong to the State Capitol, so we supported and supported his opponent.”

Regan is scheduled to meet with Democrat Carol Glenville in the May 3 snap election.

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