GRAND REPIDS, Michigan. – Remy Monahan joins the FOX 17 news team as a sports reporter and sports presenter on the weekends.

Remy has been coming to Western Michigan after working in North Texas and Southeast Oklahoma for the past three years. She worked as a sports reporter for two years and then became a sports director.

Meet Remy by reading her top 10 interesting facts reading her biography and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

1) Remy was born and raised in Michigan. She grew up in the Detroit subway, with her family across the state. Including cousins ​​in Grand Haven, uncle in Battle Creek and aunt in Marshall.

2) She has recently worked in Texas and Oklahoma. Remy was the athletic director at KTEN News in Dennis, Texas. An affiliate of NBC / ABC, which serves North Texas and Southeast Oklahoma. She has covered some of the best football teams of Texas High School and College, Southeast Oklahoma University, where Dennis Rodman played basketball!

3) Remy is a proud graduate of the University of Michigan. She graduated in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in sports journalism. She was also at the Sigma Kappa Women’s Society while studying at MSU, and is currently a board member of the Kappa Beta branch in Grand Valley.

4) Definitely, Remy’s favorite sport is football. She loves being on the sidelines of any game – high school, college or professional!

5) Having become, Remy did a lot of sports. She played softball for many years and was a cheerleader for 11 years.

6) Her first job at age 14 was a golf caddy at a golf club in Royal Oak, Michigan. She wore bags four summers in high school and then worked in a professional store. She considers this job her love of golf! She can’t wait to play courses in Western Michigan. Please send her your recommendations for your favorite course.

7) Remy has just expressed a love for plants. She likes the brightness they bring to any room, and loves to learn about all the different types.

8) If she weren’t a sports reporter, Remy would like to try to host her own podcast of a real crime. Her favorites for auditions include “My Favorite Murder,” “It’s Nasty,” and “Criminal.”

9) Remy is excited to return to Michigan and cover hockey again. In 2017, she worked for the Pittsburgh Penguins when they won the Stanley Cup. She has worked in the new media department, attracting fans to social media content on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

10) In his spare time Remy loves to cook and loves to try new coffee. You can follow her kitchen adventures on Instagram @remisrecipies

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