The University of Michigan held a meeting at the University Hall in the Ratven Building on Thursday to discuss progress in finding a new university president, renovating the Central Campus Recreational Building (CCRB) and upgrading the university’s sports facilities.

Interim President of the University Mary Sue Coleman began the meeting with an address to the newly created Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT), which is designed to combat sexual violence at the university. The formation of the CCRT was included in the terms of the settlement a class action filed against University LSA Chairman Josephine Graham in May 2021. Graham argued that the university did not sufficiently protect students from sexual violence and said that the formation of the CCRT is a crucial step in addressing this failure at Press conference on Wednesday.

Graham’s lawsuit is separate from 2020 collective costume filed by surviving former university doctor Robert Anderson, who recently reached a settlement $ 490 million for more than 1,000 survivors.

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