REDDING, Pa. – Redding Hospital’s new 40-foot-long, 9-foot-wide mobile mammography trainer is set to continue breast cancer screenings in the wider community.

“It’s about teamwork. It’s about community,” said Dr. Charles Barbera, president and CEO of Reading Hospital.

The bus is equipped with a mobile 3D mammograph. Barbera said it brings the latest technology to the community.

“As you know, breast cancer is a very treatable diagnosis, but it’s very common in our community,” Barbera said.

The bus has a waiting area where two patients can wait at the same time, and you check in like a regular doctor’s appointment.

Reading Hospital Foundation president Kate Thornton said 15 minutes later you’re in and out. She also said that the bus will break barriers.

“A lot of women in Berks County — either they have transportation issues, employment issues, language barriers — and we’re finding that we’re way below the national average for mammograms,” Thornton said.

For people who are uninsured or underinsured, the Patient Assistance Fund will help offset any costs. The American College of Radiology recommends that all women have their first mammogram at age 40.

“So by taking a coach into the community where they live, we’re making sure it’s easy for them to get a mammogram,” Thornton said.

People who want to make an appointment can contact Reading Hospital Imaging Centre.

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