Lansing, Michigan (WLNS) – “We’re still there. Some of us will always be in Ukraine with our people, with our cities that are collapsing, ”Maria Comstock said.

Comstock grew up in Ukraine. There she still has a family, including her father, who is now in the capital Kiev.

“They’re terrified and no one understands what else they can do other than survive and take it one day after another.”

Today, as Russian forces continue to attack her home country, Comstock and hundreds of others are doing everything they can, here in Michigan. They fill the facade of the capital with blue and yellow, expressing support for messages and calls for action from US leaders.

“To help us with some accelerated program to get our relatives and you know who wants to help people. Let them come to our country and we will support them. We are not asking anyone to support. We will provide support. We are ready for that, ”Yauhen Tritsemichenka, a participant of the rally, said.

More than 3 million Ukrainians have fled the country. Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenov says Putin must pay for the horrors he brings.

“If we see maternity hospitals, nursing homes, theaters and food lines deliberately and brutally targeting Putin, make no mistake, Vladimir Putin is a war criminal.”

Comstock says he talks to his father every day, hoping they will meet again.

“It hurts and angers and we all want to do something here. We want to organize places for refugees when they finally come here. “

The Ukrainian Michigan Crisis Response Team has been collecting essentials for Ukrainian refugees at Ukraine’s St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral in Detroit since tomorrow.

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