GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A showcase for dancers is returning to West Michigan.

The 14th annual Midwest Regional Alternative Dance Festival, also known as Rad Fest, returns to Kalamazoo this March. The organizers note that this year’s three-day festival will feature the works of more than 400 different choreographers from around the world.

Among the attractions are five different dance concerts, as well as “screen dances” choreographed especially for the film.

There will also be master classes for more advanced dancers. Rachel Miller, curator of the Rad festival, said it was a way for the local community to experience something they would otherwise have to travel the country or the world to see.

“What’s really nice about the … global dance community is that we come together and share ideas, talk about our craft, talk about our problems,” Miller said. “A lot of the conversation right now is about what’s happening in the post-Covid world because we’ve all been virtual for a few years. So now … we’re talking about rebuilding the audience for dance and live performance, so it’s important for us to come together and have those conversations because that’s how we advance the world of dance.”

Rad Fest takes place March 3-5 at several different Kalamazoo locations. Tickets will go on sale on February 1. More information can be found at

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