The DTE Energy Foundation has donated more than $ 1 million in grants to eight organizations in Michigan to promote justice. Grant recipients include the Michigan Foundation Board, the Detroit Regional Chamber Foundation, Dutton Farm, the GreenLight Fund, Latinos for Socio-Economic Development (LaSED), the Detroit Neighborhood Services, New Detroit, and NEW (Nonprofit at Work, Inc.) .

“The Foundation will continue to ensure that its grant process supports social justice, which will lead us to partnerships with non-profit organizations that share similar goals, such as racial justice. It is a great honor for me to reward these incredible organizations that continue to have a positive impact in our areas, ”said Lynette Dowler, President of the DTE Foundation. “The strength, support and passion of our joint partners is vital to help us fulfill our mission of service.”

DTE Foundation support will be used by subsequent grant recipients to develop programs, build ongoing projects, and build partnerships that support social justice and racial justice efforts.

  • The Michigan Foundation Board is $ 250,000
    • The Michigan Foundation Board (CMF) guides, strengthens and supports the Michigan charity community, encouraging and equipping CMF members in a relentless pursuit of a fair system and inclusive diversity, strengthening the field through public policy action, promoting current and future philanthropy. leaders and the promotion of exemplary charitable practices and field experiences. The grant will contribute to the implementation of the program of strategic support of the State Equity Fund, which provides funding for technical expertise and general recommendations for municipalities and non-profit organizations to develop approaches to stimulate funding focused on equity participation. CMF brings people and ideas together, sharing knowledge and using a collective voice to increase the impact of the Michigan charity, which allocates more than $ 1.9 billion annually to improve outcomes for Michigan.
  • The Detroit Regional Chamber Fund is $ 100,000
    • The Detroit Regional Chamber grant will be used to support the organization’s focus on racial justice and economic justice, making education fairer for Detroit, empowering neighborhoods and entrepreneurs, upholding fair and equal legislation, and critical conversations with national thought leaders and local businesses. , state and community leaders.
  • Dutton Farm – $ 30,000
    • Dutton Farm enables and supports adults with disabilities to live purposeful, inclusive and dignified lives. The organization offers an environment where people find worthy inclusion in schools, jobs, authorities, communities, churches and more. The grant will support the Dutton Farm Workforce Development Program, which provides training, career development, and personalized employment support for adults with special needs.
  • GreenLight Fund – $ 225,000
    • The GreenLight Fund is a coalition of Detroit residents and leaders that offers opportunities for children, youth and families experiencing poverty. Each year, they conduct a community-oriented process to raise key priorities for residents facing obstacles to social and economic mobility. This grant will fund the organization’s innovative approach to filling critical gaps in serving families in need, and encouraging local support to maximize social impact and long-term sustainability.
  • Latinos for Socio-Economic Development (LaSED) – $ 10,000
    • Serving residents of Southwest Detroit since 1969, LaSED promotes social and economic development by addressing issues affecting different ethnic groups living in the community. This support will be used to help people of all ages in a variety of bilingual services, including citizenship courses, English as a Second Language (ESL), summer youth programs and a center for the elderly.
  • Detroit Environmental Protection Agency (NDS) – $ 20,000
    • NDS is known for its innovative, collaborative, holistic public defense practices. This support helps residents of Wayne County maintain their housing through eviction protection practices by providing legal representation and appropriate social work to individuals and their families at risk of eviction as a result of arrest or hardship related to COVID.
  • New Detroit – $ 100,000
    • New Detroit is a coalition of leaders working to achieve racial understanding and equality in Detroit. The organization provides ideological leadership, advocates for policy change, and offers direct services including racial interviews and individualized training on racial diversity, equity, inclusion, and equity. The grant will support training, education, research, advocacy and partnerships in the fight against racism at the personal, institutional and systemic levels.
  • NEW (Nonprofit Enterprise at Work, Inc.) – $ 270,000
    • NEW connects leaders and organizations with the necessary tools and services, enabling them to focus on mission-related work. This grant will support a program to promote racial and social justice that enables Michigan nonprofit leaders to manage their missions while promoting racial justice. In six months, participants will appear with tools to manage the systems of their nonprofits, while creating a culture of inclusion.

The DTE Foundation is dedicated to the development of diverse, inclusive and equal communities and supports initiatives aimed at the arts and culture, community transformation, economic progress, education and employment, the environment and human needs.

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