Public warned of increased coyote sightings at Southern California park

Authorities are warning the public of increased coyote sightings at a park in Chino.

City officials said staff and visitors at Ruben S. Ayala Park, also known as “Ayala Park,” have reported recent sightings of coyotes roaming the area throughout the day.

The 140-acre community park located on the corner of Central and Edison Avenues boasts a variety of facilities including baseball/softball fields, a skate park, soccer fields, picnic pavilions, a children’s playground, batting cages and more.

Witnesses reported spotting coyotes throughout the sprawling facility as park staff said the animals are not confined to one particular area.

So far, there have been no instances of coyotes displaying directly aggressive behavior towards humans, staff members note.

“They are generally afraid of humans and will keep their distance unless provoked or attracted by food sources,” city officials said. “Coyotes are a significant part of our ecosystem, playing an essential role in controlling rodent populations.”

  • Children's playground at Ruben S. Ayala Park in Chino, California. (KTLA)
  • Skate park at Ruben S. Ayala Park in Chino, California. (KTLA)
  • The 140-acre Ruben S. Ayala Park in Chino, California. (KTLA)
  • Soccer field at Ruben S. Ayala Park in Chino, California. (KTLA)
  • Football field at Ruben S. Ayala Park in Chino, California. (KTLA)
  • A coyote walks down a street in Southern California.
  • A nursing mother coyote limps through Griffith Park, the nation's largest urban park, after fleeing flames May 9, 2007, in Los Angeles. (David McNew/Getty Images)
  • A coyote in Southern California
  • A coyote is seen in an undated photo on the L.A. Parks website.

While coyote attacks are rare, park visitors should keep these tips in mind if they come across a coyote:

-Park visitors are advised to make the animal feel uncomfortable to scare it off.
-This can be achieved by making loud noises, throwing pebbles, jumping around, or spraying water.
-Under no circumstances should you turn your back and run from any wild animal. Instead, leave the area calmly, backing away while keeping the animal in sight.

To avoid attracting coyotes to your home, keep these tips from the Inland Valley Humane Society in mind:

-Control food resources in your yard. Avoid leaving pet food outside and limit the use of birdseed, as they attract the animals that coyotes prey upon.
-Keep yards trimmed and clear of excess brush and woodpiles that may serve as housing for predators or prey.
-Make use of deterrents such as outdoor lights, radio, and noise to discourage coyotes from approaching.
-Always keep pets on a leash, especially at night when wildlife is most active.

“We understand the presence of coyotes may cause concern and we are committed to maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for all park users,” officials said. “City staff, together with IVHS, continue to monitor the situation and appreciate the public’s understanding and cooperation.”

Anyone who spots a coyote is asked to report the sighting to the Ayala Park Operations Center at 909-334-3257. Unusual wildlife encounters can be reported to the Inland Valley Humane Society at 909-623-9777.

https://ktla.com/news/local-news/public-warned-of-increased-coyote-sightings-at-chino-park/ Public warned of increased coyote sightings at Southern California park

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