Precautions to Take Before Bringing Your Pet to the Dog Park

As temperatures rise in Southeast Michigan, many of us are enjoying more time outdoors. For pet owners, this often means a trip to the dog park. However, before you go to let your dog socialize, it’s important to keep a few key points in mind.

Ann-Marie Chamberlain from Michigan Humane recently shared some dog park etiquette tips on “Live in the D.” She emphasized the importance of ensuring your dog is vaccinated and offered the following suggestions:

  • Always clean up after your dog by bringing waste bags with you.
  • Leave all food, both pet and human, at home to avoid competition and potential conflicts.
  • Keep a leash handy. While dogs can roam freely in the park, have the leash ready in case you need to quickly regain control.
  • Allow your dog time to acclimate to the park environment before pushing them to socialize with other pets.

During her appearance, Chamberlain also featured an adoptable pet, generously sponsored by the Mike Morse Law Firm covering the adoption fee for today’s pet of the week.

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