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The Los Angeles Police Department says it has gathered enough evidence to bring charges Kanye “E” West due to the battery housing with fan.

This was reported by law enforcement sources TMZ what they almost finished investigating the incident when E allegedly punched a fan looking for an autograph outside a hotel in Los Angeles. This was reported by the editorial office the man had a broken nose after you hit it.

Between paparazzi photos and witness testimony, police believe the evidence is enough to accuse rapper “Junya” of the crime. Sources of the publication said that they would soon make a decision on the official transfer of the case to the Los Angeles City Prosecutor’s Office, where criminal proceedings will be instituted against E.

Police said they wanted to interview E himself, but never got the opportunity because of his employment.

If the LAPD does refer the case to the city prosecutor’s office, three things could happen: charges will be filed, the case may be dismissed, or a lawyer can gather all participants for an informal hearing in the office – where they could potentially agree on certain terms to make the case completely disappear, including mandatory anger management classes.

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