Jackson County, Michigan (WLNS) – Michigan State Police say seven law enforcement officers are on administrative leave after an officer was involved in a shooting Saturday morning.

Around 1:30 a.m., Blackman-Leoni public security officers were called to Meijer on Quarter 3,000 E. Michigan Avenue to complain about the home attack.

When officers arrived, the suspect had already left.

Police later spotted the 33-year-old suspect from Cement City, and around 2:56 a.m. the chase began.

Later, the suspect’s car “failed on its own” on Crouch Road near Draper Road.

The suspect then ran out of their car and tried to steal the car from a house in the 7900 quarter of Draper Rd.

Officers from several agencies set up a perimeter around the area and found the suspect, police said.

“The suspect had a gun, and officers negotiated with the suspect for about 45 minutes before force was used,” the Michigan Police Department’s Twitter page of the first district said.

According to officials, the suspect was shot and taken to a local hospital, employees of any facilities were not injured.

According to police, the suspect had a gun.

After that, seven law enforcement officers were placed on administrative leave in accordance with the policies of their departments. Two servicemen from the Michigan Jackson Post Police, three deputies from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and two public security officers from the city of Blackman Leone.

Upon completion of the investigation, it will be handed over to the Jackson County Attorney’s Office for consideration, police said.

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