SAN DIEGO (AP) – Bryce Harper saw the field fly towards his face, so he quickly turned his head and raised his left hand to protect himself.

It turns out the fox chopper would like not to do that.

Harper will be on indefinite due to a broken thumb of his left hand after being hit by Blake Snell in the Philadelphia win over the San Diego Padres on Saturday night.

“I’d like it to hit me in the face,” said Harper, who had a tire on his finger. “I don’t break bones in the face. I think I can take 98 (miles per hour) to face, but not 97 to thumb. Yes, I was kind of in defensive mode, trying to raise my hand and not let it hit me again.

“It’s just a bummer. I’m really confused. “

The current MVP NL, who missed just a few games last year when he was hit in the face by a fastball from St. Louis Genesis Cabrera, tested his swing when a fast ball from Snell at 97 mph was driving inward and high to his shoulder before than hit him on the outside of his left hand in the fourth inning.

Harper immediately fell to the ground and felt visible pain when he kept his hand on his lap for a few minutes while Phillies head coach Paul Buchheit took care of him.

Phillies general manager Dave Dombrowski, who traveled with the team on the trip, said it was too early to determine if surgery would be needed. He added that he was not sure what type of fracture Harper had and where the thumb injury occurred. Harper said he would return to the specialist when he returned to Philadelphia.

“We will put him on the list of victims (on Sunday),” Dombrowski said. “At first I was worried he got hit in the face. I was worried right away because he was a tough guy and he immediately left the field. “

When Harper was halfway to the Philadelphia dugout, he seemed to shout angrily at Snell and point to Padres’s initial pitcher. Snell eventually shouted back at Harper. Many fans at Petco Park after a few seconds began to whistle at Harper, and Harper shouted at Snell.

Harper then cooled down and told Snell, “I know, I know,” admitting that the pitcher didn’t want to hit him off the field.

“She didn’t heat up at all,” Harper said. “It was just a moment and a bad situation. I’ve been playing against Blake since I was 10, 11, so I know there was no malice behind that. The inner field is part of the game. He is a great player and a great man. I wish him all the best and I told him to keep throwing it in fastball because he sets this slider very well. ”

Snell wrote to Harper and said they were on good terms.

“Obviously I felt horrible when I hit him,” Snell said. “I don’t do it and he knows it. We talked, we coped. He plays with great passion and I can understand why he would be upset. I’m as upset as he is – I hit him. … I just hope that he will recover soon and return there and continue to compete. “

Snell added that he and Harper are going to see each other after Saturday’s game or Sunday.

Phyllis got all the races they would need in this from Snell (0-5) in the fifth inning. JT Realmuto made a solo home run, and Alec Bohm followed with a double. Didi Gregorius nominated runners for first and third place, and Jaira Munoz got the final result, and Kyle Schwarber – the single RBI.

Starter Phyllis Zach Eflin (3-5) made five effective innings, allowing four shots – including twice Jorge Alfara twice in the fifth – while crossing out three and releasing two. Serantani Dominguez got three outs for his second save of the season.

Snell gave up four runs and six strokes in 5 2/3 innings with four strikeouts and two moves.

Philadelphia will now need to move forward for most – or perhaps the rest – of the season without its biggest producer and launch into Harper.

Harper, acting Phyllis striker, was replaced by Johan Camargo.

Harper is hitting 0.318 with 15 home runs, 48 ​​RBI and 0.984 OPS this season in 64 games, despite a small gap in UCL’s right elbow that has prevented him from playing on the far field since 16 April. He tried to avoid Operation Tommy John, which concludes the season, with an injection of platelet-rich plasma and rest.

“This is a guy who really can’t be replaced on an individual basis, but we will have to be in such a position that other people will have to step up,” Dombrowski said. “We’ll take a step to try to get someone here (Sunday).”

Dombrowski said outfielder Mickey Manyak, picked up No. 1 in the 2016 overall standings, who fought in limited action in major competitions, could be called in to help make up for Harper’s loss.

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