Looking for love but can’t find the words? Hoping that some self-conscious warrior-poet will write and sometimes speak on your behalf, so that the one you admire will fall in love with you? If so, then you are looking for a Cyrano plot.

Since Edmond Roston first wrote to play “Cyrano de Bergerac” in 1897, Cyrano’s plot remained the pinnacle of cunning and stupidity, which finds a delicate balance between comedy and tragedy. There is a good reason that this plot continues to attract our attention: there is wit, and fights, and love triangles, and war, and chaos, and theater, and unusual poetry. Were countless adaptations over the last hundred years or so, many of which take the main plot and translate it into different periods of time, setting, gender and situation. (My personal favorite is underestimated The original movie on the Disney Channel “Let It Shine” that transports him to the world of hip-hop amateur stars).

The question arises: how to take a story with countless adaptations and make it something new?

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