The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board has announced disciplinary action against four auditing firms for failing to disclose who was involved in specific audits.

The firms failed to submit an AP form that reported who conducted each individual audit and whether other firms were involved in the audit.

The council discovered the violations during a “sweep,” in which it collects information about potential violations from a number of firms at the same time.

“Investors and the public rely on disclosures in the AP form to clearly understand who is involved in public company audits. Timely disclosure is critical to transparency and accountability in our capital markets, and the PCAOB will closely monitor compliance with the disclosure rules,” Board Chairman Erica Williams said in a statement. In July, Williams announced that the sweeps would be part of increased law enforcement.

All four firms have since filed forms and — without admitting or denying the board’s findings — agreed to the following disciplinary action:

The firms also agreed to establish policies and procedures aimed at ensuring compliance with the PCAOB’s reporting procedures going forward.

“Today’s settlement underscores the importance of timely filing of Form AP to provide investors with the information they need to make informed decisions,” PCAOB Acting Director of Enforcement and Investigations Mark Adler said in a statement. “This requirement should be taken seriously by audit firms.”

A board is posted separately 24 new inspection protocolsdated between June 9 and July 26.

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