Compared to the 1918 flu pandemic, the worst pandemic in recent history caused by the H1N1 flu virus, we had no technology to develop vaccines or antibiotics to treat secondary bacterial infections associated with the virus, and humanity was wiped out.

The 1918 flu pandemic also infected about 500 million people or a third of the world’s population at the time. However, unlike the 6 million deaths worldwide since the 2022 pandemic, in 1918 there were 50 million to 60 million deaths worldwide; exponentially higher mortality rates in 1918 due to lack of vaccine.

Thus, a hundred years later we are the only generation in human history that has been able to fight a pandemic through science through the development of a vaccine to end the same pandemic in real time.

Please do not underestimate what we have achieved as a human society and the impact of the vaccine against COVID 2020 or the science behind it. The literal size of the isolation of the genetic code COVID-19, the development of a vaccine based on historical science, mass production of this vaccine, logistics of spreading this vaccine around the world, creating sites and staff for vaccine administration, consent to public policy and public education Vaccines, getting injections, developing a mechanism for testing for the virus, and developing IV and oral treatments for COVID is a feat like no other in human history.

It gives us science. Therefore, when politicians recommend cutting science budgets, remember COVID and our science-based response to it, and please, as a society, think twice.

As a scientist, I thank God for science, our constant human curiosity, our thirst for discovery and our eternal quest for new knowledge. This is what supports humanity.

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