HOWELL – Members of the Livingston County Election Commission will hold a hearing Friday morning to consider for the second time a petition to withdraw language against a pair of Brighton school board members

The commission, which includes Betsy Handley County Clerk, Jennifer Nash County Treasurer and Testament Judge Miriam Cavanagh, will meet Friday at 8:45 a.m. at Livingston County Courthouse, 200 E. Grand River Ave., to determine if a motion will be filed. the recall language filed against school board members John Connelly and Bill Trombley is clear and precise.

Brighton High School father Sarah Cross previously filed a motion to recall trustees in January. This request was rejected by the election commission in February due to insufficiently clear and precise petitions.

In her initial attempt at a petition, Cross said Connelly needed to be recalled because he compared the mask’s mandates to those of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime, and he presented a slideshow that contained misinformation about the mask.

John Trombley

Trombley was named in the petitions because Cross claimed he intentionally coughed at a public representative and that he was unprepared for the meetings.

This time Cross simplified the language to one sentence.

For Connelly, the language is this: “12/03/2021 Mr. Connelly sent this letter:“ You mean like Hitler? Mandates, we have no laws to support them. We are not socialists. “

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