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Remember when Nicki Minaj She said a cousin’s friend’s testicles swelled after taking the Covid-19 vaccine? Well, the Philadelphia Department of Health certainly hasn’t forgotten.

Local Health Agency this week resumed an online conversation after responding to one of Nicky’s recent tweets who said, “Nothing is better than watching someone confidently talk about something he knows nothing about.”

In response the official public health bill of Philadelphia tweeted the eyes of an emoji along with a screenshot of Nicky’s tweet in September 2021 which detailed the reaction of her cousin’s friend’s testicles to the vaccine.

“My cousin in Trinidad won’t get the vaccine because his friend got it and became impotent. His testicles were swollen. His boyfriend had weeks left before the marriage, now the girl has canceled the wedding. So just pray about it and make sure your decision is satisfied, not bullying, ”the Pills N Potion rapper said. tweeted last fall.

On Friday (February 18), Nicki and her fans responded to the online shadow of Philly Public Health. The rapper claimed that the agency publishes her tweets «for engagement».

“They are trying to embarrass people for what they are advising others to PRAY, BE COMPLEX AND DO NOT GIVE ADVANCES,” the rapper and mother of one child wrote on Twitter. “I have never seen a vaccine cause so many tactics of shame and fear. You? “She added with the hashtag of her new single” Do We Have A Problem? ” involving Lil Baby.

After Nicky’s first tweets, the National Department of Health of Trinidad and Tobago showed that they spent a lot of time and resources investigating the claims and found no evidence of any such case.

At the time, there was a surge in new cases around the world, and public health officials were pushing as many people as possible to get vaccinated before the projected winter surge.

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