The American economy, despite what you’ve heard, is on the mend, and that’s good because the creation of millions of jobs is happening just along with this stimulus across the country.

During his March address on the state of the Union, President Joe Biden underlined his message, noting that more than 6.5 million new jobs were created in the economy last year alone, especially during the pandemic.

«[That is] more jobs have been created in one year than ever before in American history, ”Biden said in a speech, adding that the economy grew by 5.7 percent last year. “The strongest growth in almost 40 years, the first step towards fundamental change in an economy that has not worked for the country’s workers for too long.”

“This pandemic came as an unprecedented shock to the job market and very quickly created a need for new jobs and new skills,” said Julia Pollock, an economist at ZipRecruiter, an online employment market in Santa Monica, California. report for SHRM, Human Resources Management Society. “Here we have a health catastrophe that has created a wide range of roles needed to contain the disease and increase the confidence of American consumers. So these are very important works. Many of them are related to other jobs, with a lot of portable skills. ”

During the pandemic, businesses had to step up efforts to identify ways to retain productive employees, especially during the “Great Resignation of 2021,” when thousands of employees left the workforce in search of better working conditions, compensation, and opportunities.

In addition, as corporations created for telecommuting, they created cultural work – to have external consultants audit culture, work on team dynamics, and identify ways to transform corporate culture into a more collegial environment. These efforts have often included the inclusion of equity, inclusion and diversity (EID) in the DNA of corporate culture – a trend that has accelerated due to the Black Lives Matter movement.

However, in this new workplace, rethought and updated, companies and corporations are rethinking their business model to make sure employees are treated the way they deserve.

This means that black workers look at what is important to them, in a new light, not just in words. For black employees, many were relieved to work at home, especially black women who felt their share of micro-aggression in the workplace, writes the Washington Post reports.

“It is critical that business leaders understand that large-scale change is changing the way people work and the way they do business,” he said. Brian Crop, Honorable Vice President Gartner, in an article on the future of labor trends after COVID-19. “Leaders who respond effectively to these staffing trends can ensure that their organizations stand out from the competition.”

However, with this new dynamic, new opportunities and strategies have emerged to succeed in today’s business environment. “People were asking themselves,‘ Do I really belong here? And when I look at justice, inclusiveness and diversity, do we have a culture in which colored people feel they belong here? ” Said Reggie Butler, the company’s founder and CEO? The performance paradigmmanagement education, human capital consulting.

Is there a middle ground between the Great Resignation, economic leaps with the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and future work?

At the local level, responses are being made by promoting the economic development opportunities that interest the city, strengthening the economy, and providing more online jobs for Detroit residents – even years after the COVID-19 pandemic began.

These huge responsibilities are taken on by Detroit At Work, and as a Detroit City recruitment agency, the organization continues to spin wheels as it continues to find attractive ways to connect people with work, provide opportunities and training for Detroit residents and more.

“I look forward to working with employers who want to locate in Detroit, developers who want to build in Detroit, and community and business leaders who want to take a step forward and make a bigger impact in Detroit,” said Sherard-Freeman of Michigan. . Chronicle before. “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to build all these opportunities into the future that Detroit residents can’t even imagine.

“Before COVID, 44 percent of families had problems – these families [are] most likely led by women and people of color, as well as those who suffer the most [are] without a high school diploma, ”Sherard-Freeman said of the statistics. “In Detroit, several technologies have affected recovery and the types of work that are available, and frankly, it will drive not only the work that will be done, but also those who will do the work.”

The Detroit City Summer Experience Program for Detroit Youth recently kicked off when Mayor Mike Dagan was joined by employers, charities and youth to officially launch the Grow Detroit’s Young Talent 2022 (GDYT) application period.

“In 2021, we presented our 50,000th year of experience through Grow Detroit’s Young Talent,” said Mayor Daggan. “It’s just a great achievement, especially given the fact that over the last two years we’ve had to work with the safety of participants during COVID to the forefront. Detroit is one of the few cities nationwide that has been able to do this during a pandemic, and I want to commend our partners for their commitment to empowering future city leaders in such challenging circumstances. ”

A member of the Detroit City Council at Large Mary Waters reiterated the mayor’s gratitude to the partners and stressed how now the youth of Detroit have begun to count on GDYT to be there for them every summer.

“There has been so much uncertainty in the world over the last two years, but even as the global health crisis is still looming, GDYT has provided Detroit youth with safe, enriching personal and professional development,” Waters said. “Our young people are intellectually gifted and have the skills to make a significant contribution to any profession. What was lacking was the opportunity to enter the workplace young enough to be prone to expectations in the workplace. This program cultivates the strong work ethic and emotional intelligence needed to navigate the world of work. ”

“Today’s youth are our leaders of tomorrow, and we are committed to providing significant enrichment experiences through our vast partnership with GDYT,” said James Powell, director of education and employment at Rocket Community Fund. “We are proud to continue our support for GDYT so that young Detroit residents have equal access to educational and economic opportunities that enable them to work towards their bright future.”

Staff writer Alan Hughes contributed to this report.

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