OWOSSO, MICHIGAN (WLNS) – Today, families in Owosso are dealing with flooding due to ice jams in the Shiawassee River. Chasid Johnson is one such family.

Her son’s toys were covered in snow and the furniture froze in the ice.

Johnson said she had never experienced such an icy traffic jam in the Shiawasi River before.

“My son’s toys have already swum. So yesterday it was water, and now it’s just frozen ice in my yard, ”Johnson said.

24 hours ago her backyard looked completely different. Johnson’s backyard was flooded from ice jams.

“I can’t even let my child play outside in his backyard, and we’re on the main street, so he can’t play in the front yard,” Johnson said.

Her son’s toys and their backyard are gone.

“My husband’s table … it’s not something that can be replaced, and we’ve already sailed three chairs. This bar he made himself, and obviously it is no longer used, ”Johnson said.

Owosso City Manager Nathan Henn said he had never seen such a thing.

“I was the city manager here for four years. “I grew up here, but I don’t remember an ice jam in the city center,” Hyun said.

He said there are two ice jams; one passing through downtown Ovos and the other further downstream.

Henne said it causes more problems in families like Johnson who live near the river. So far, according to him, the only option in the city is to wait for the heat.

Johnson hopes it will happen sooner rather than later.

“I have no insurance for it. There is nothing I can do to fix it, ”Johnson said.

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