EAST LANCING, MICHIGAN (WLNS) – Starting March 6, Michigan State University will no longer require masks in most rooms.

The exception is in classrooms and in academic and research laboratories.

Masks are also still required in CATA buses and in medical facilities such as Student Medical Services and MSU Medical Service.

In addition, from March 6, all MSU sports competitions will no longer need masks and vaccine testing.

Michigan President Samuel L. Stanley made an announcement to students today.

You can read the whole message below:

Dear Spartans:

In accordance with public health recommendations from federal, state and local officials, from March 6 masks will no longer be required in most premises on property owned or controlled by MSU. However, masks remain necessary in educational institutions (including all classrooms, academic laboratories and general research facilities) during teaching and research activities. From March 6, masks and vaccine testing are no longer needed for all MSU sporting events.

Notable exceptions where masks are still required include CATA buses due to federal requirements and in all medical facilities such as Student Medical Services and MSU Medical Service. In some additional circumstances, due to existing contracts or federal mandates, masks may still be needed. Masks are still strongly recommended for those who have not been vaccinated, have symptoms of COVID-19, have been exposed to a virus, or are vulnerable to medical use. Frequently asked questions about the revisions of the Coverage Directive can be found on the website Site together we will.

It is important to remember that many in our Spartan community will choose to wear a mask for their protection. Some in our community may also ask you to wear a mask if you visit them due to special health issues. When people make their personal decisions about health and safety, we need to respect their decisions.

Recall, teachers, staff and students must be vaccinated and trained or receive exemption and provide their information through MSU Vaccine test form. Employees who do not provide their information after being eligible for training will be transferred to an appropriate disciplinary process; students who fail to do so will not be able to enroll in classes in the summer of 2022 and fall of 2022. Visit Site together we will find a vaccine supplier.

In the future, we will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and, if necessary, adjust our directives. Thank you all for contributing to the preservation of the Spartan community.

MSU President Samuel L. Stanley

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