EAST LANCING, MICHIGAN (WLNS) – The March Madness is in full swing. This is a great month for basketball fans as well as for bars and restaurants.

Downtown East Lansing had no shortage of MSU fans cheering the Spartans for playing against Davidson.

El Azteco owner Johnny Vlahakis said the week has been a busy one for him.

“All the students have just returned from spring break, and we had great weather on St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, so everyone was leaving,” Vlahakis said.

Now that the Spartans are still in their March madness, he doesn’t see it sinking.

“In this city, everyone is usually very worried about it. It will only support everyone, ”Vlahakis said.

He said business during this year’s basketball tournament feels like slam dunk compared to last.

“At this time last year we were at 6 people at the table, 6 feet away, half capacity, 11 a.m. curfew. Yes, it is a full 180 from last year to this year without restrictions and opportunities to return to normal life, “- said Vlahakis.

Fans said they are always ready to cheer on the Spartans, especially during the March Madness.

“Nice to be back… feel great! We have a great time, ”a group of MSU supporters said.

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